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I don’t wanna grow up! But I guess i’ll try.

Things I need to get started by the time May comes around. No more mopey,lazy,dopey me. Sadly ;)

  • Start P90X. Tony Horton please take me under your wing.
  • Go on a diet. I just wanna eat right and keep it up. (Of course I still have a late birthday cake to take care of. Oops)
  • Try to gradually stop dressing like a teenager. I’m hoping the working out will help out.
  • Grow my hair out. I was going to cut it. But now I have officially decided I want to see how long I can get it from now until September. I may get a trim but ONLY if my ends are bad.
  • Read all the books i’ve been neglecting so I can start filling up my Kindle. Starting with the new Dark Tower book.
  • Save up money. For school and the iPhone 5! I need to have it. I just do! And save up money for my NKOTBSB/Steel Panther Hershey getaway! Woooo!
  • Try to be more positive. Hardest on the list. 

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